Friday, 23 April 2010

Vettori to use 'Mongoose' bat at World 20/20

As if being best batsman, bowler, captain, selector, coach and team bus driver wasn't enough, Black Cap captain Dan Vettori will be revealing his new 'Mongoose' bat at next month's World 20/20 in the Caribbean.

Unlike the bat used by Stuart Law in last year's English domestic 20/20 and by Matthew Hayden in this year's IPL, Vettori revealed in an exclusive to some New Zealander who was actually interested in cricket that the bat was infact 100% Mongoose. Vettori was quick to allay any worries of animal welfare people. "The animals were caught humanely" Vettori quickly pointed out. "It has come about during the past few years of touring to other countries. We had so much free time, what with the constant test match beatings in 3 days at best, that I would spend it stalking and hunting the critters in the wild by myself with my bare hands and maybe an armguard. Mongooses are renouned for their ability to defeat snakes, but they were no match for my guile and ingenuity."

Vettori also revealed the technique of crafting a bat out of the animals. "I would do it during any match we were playing - our batsmen were always in a procession to and from the middle, so I'd simply place my catches in the doorway to the changing room, and they'd compact nicely." Team mate Kyle Mills had reservations about his captain's technique "Yeah the changing rooms smell kind of funky alot of the time, especially if he's been hunting and then we don't have a match for a week or two. It's Baz (Brendon McCullum) I feel sorry for, 'cos he has to room with him on tour, and Dan's pretty fond of his collecting bag".

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