Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ohhh yeah

128 balls, 156 minutes, 15 fours. Well played, son. The day James Vince entered the big time! The sky really is the limit now, to use an overused cliche. Special mention also to Jimmy Adams, first century since the first match of the season, and it's a big one too. This pair have really turned the tables on Yorkshire, still half an hour of play left and we're 25 runs ahead, 7 wickets remaining. Shame tomorrow is the last day of play!

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  1. 196 - gigantic and tragic
    180 - gigantic and nearly as tragic

    Both the 25th and the 26th should be added to the list of monthly Hampshire holidays ;)


    PS nice new custard background. Is that supposed to encourage me to post more comments? *g*

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