Thursday, 7 October 2010

A huge relief

The news I certainly had been hoping for, and I'm sure the news every person had been hoping for, Dominic Cork has signed a one year deal for the 2011 season. You can't beat Corky, not even age can. He was perhaps waning slightly at Lancs but the move to Hampshire has been like a new pair of legs on him. If anybody can find a more hard working, committed and enthusiastic 39 year old fast bowling, captaining, trophy winning cricketer then I'll buy a Sussex season ticket.

He had perhaps hinted at calling it a day, having lifted the 20/20 cup surrounded by teammates young enough to be his children. His comment about feeling that he may no longer be able to earn his place in the team was quite a surprise to be honest, given his very, shall we say, 'self assured' attitude. But I guess even the strongest of characters mellow but he has certainly made the best decision in my view.

It is not just his stats that made me want him to sign on for another year. I am always sceptical when people talk of their team having a 'talisman', but if one does indeed exist then Cork to Hampshire is what Favre was like to the Packers. Cork brings hard work, a smile, energy, guidance and above all inspiration to the team. He effectively won us two trophies with his bowling whilst his mentoring capabilities has seen Wood go from no involvement at the start of the year to a force in all three formats by the end of it.

He is the face of Hampshire, filling the gap left by Warne in that respect. He was probably hoping that 2010 would be a season to get some cricket in but also to get some breaks in too to look after the body. Injuries conspired to not only change that but to also give him the captaincy. A role he was born for and one that he did not let us down in doing. Cork was signed for 2009 because he still felt he had something to offer. Two years later he still feels the same way and for that I am damn pleased.

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