Friday, 15 April 2011

New start (perhaps)

Ok ok, having been dragged kicking and screaming by Wes I'm back to the blog. Long story to maybe a shorter length; the creative juices kind of went the way of the Romanovs these past 6 months hence part two to the Ervine saga still has not materialised. I think it's finally safe to parade the head above the parapets finally with that story so I'll tackle that at some point in the nearish future.

New season! And we're playing crap again. Put it this way my enthusiasm for the first day but a week ago was extremely high. My bound to the Rose Bowl on the first morning was matched only by a Friedel de Wet run up. Hell the sun was shining, it was way too warm to be early April. That scented brew of exhaust fumes, housing estate grass verges and Factor 15 combined with the sight of cool bags and club park permits quickly made me forget I had ever been away.

The deja vu feeling was compounded by the utter domination by the Durham batting lineup. We waved goodbye to victory at the toss and di Venuto and Stoneman somehow managed to mark their guard in the tarmac. Despite the high scoring rate I'd have said that after 40 overs neither side was on top. Danny Briggs softened the Tahir injury news by showing himself off as a Championship bowler (the single most exciting thing I took from this match) whilst the bunny Friedel bowled well without getting a wicket.

We were guilty of plonking the ball in too far back of a length, perhaps the Ponzi wicket was to blame. Yes it was hot, dry and easy to score on but pitch the ball up FFS! Back to de Wet again (this could become a recurring theme) but he cut Muchall in half two balls out of three by giving the ball time to do something. How he didn't get an LBW decision against Benkenstein is still a mystery. And top marks to Benks by the way, another two fingers up at those within the ECB who say that kolpaks bring nothing to the game.

The afternoon session was woeful from a Hampshire perspective, a catch off a Slug no-ball capping it off as the team returned to the dressing room to dine on tea to a chorus of muffled boos and shouts. The 400 racked up in the day gave a taste of what was awaiting us in the next three days, Adams' first baller a heart wrenching exception. What was extremely pleasing was Dawson's winter transformation from 'why?' to stoic Carberry replacement. At time of babble he currently sits top of both the run scoring chart and the averages chart, and has probably got more runs these three innings than he did for most of last year. That long awaited second century can't be far away, surely?

Adams continues to frustrate and delight in equal measures whilst Myburgh needs to stop throwing the bat at everything. Having said that the way he plays I reckon he is going to play one of those mind blowing one day innings at some point this season. Batting out for the draw against Durham was satisfying, and probably not a result we would have ended up with three years ago.

Normal service resumed of course at Trent Bridge, the batsmen leaving it all to do for the bowlers. I take solace in hoping that the game follows a similar pattern to this fixture last year of : super start, terrible bit just after it, blur for 3 days, super Macca smashing win. You can't say I'm a pessimist all of the time.

What de Wet, Griffiths and Cork need to do is get Brown and Read out. No one else really matters quite so much but these two fall into the Blackwell/Trego/Rashid/Yardy/Schofield group of ruining the best laid plans of mice and Corky or whoever is captain at the time. You could have a team 0/5 after 0.5 overs and one of this axis of evil would still get a century.

And so continues the cycle. Great squad, infact best I can honestly say I've ever seen but heck we can't bat and we can't bowl. Yet. The 8 injuries/MIA hasn't helped either, leaving only 7 spare players who have an average age of just less than 20. Give it time they say, they'll come good. They need to come good. Today would be nice, thanks.


In a slightly unrelated but wholely important matter, the perennial melon DC has been strutting his stuff for DC in the IPL, with beard. DC watch is alive and well!


  1. *Very* good to see you back with a fury! I like the mentions in your post :P Hopefully Hamps will come good this time.


  2. Thanks Wes, very kind of you. As I said they better come good, all of this underachieving can get quite wearing!

  3. Good start for Hants...oh wait.