Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Dangerous Tommo

After a pretty poor 2009 season, everyone's second favourite Winchesterite (sorry, but Jimmy Adams comes top of that particular list) is getting back to the sort of form that saw him demolish Somerset and finish top of the country's wicket takers in 2008. 5 wickets yesterday signalled the return of the man with the only left arm fast bowling in the Hampshire squad, and he'll be looking to build on this good start to the season, being given the job of leading the attack with the injury to Kabir.

Little is known of Tomlinson. Some say he was raised by bears, but I don't remember seeing any colonies of bears in Winchester high street, so I'm less inclined to believe that particular story. Either way he's back and his back is not playing up, so a good season with the ball in both forms of the game will maintain his 'dangerous' reputation.

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