Friday, 7 May 2010

Oh deary me

I think I've passed the point of 'should I laugh or cry?'. Now I just chuckle with a sense of despair. Once again the match went from dodgy for Hampshire to strong position to win, to dead on draw, to defeat. Same result, different team this time as Notts emulated Durham and Warwickshire in knocking off the meagre total set by our frankly disasterous batting.

To compound this, there was the injury count. Leading wicket taker Kabir went off clutching his knee. Captain and 'keeper Pothas fell awkwardly and has buggered his hand. Apparently Corky took over the gloves, then when he was needed to try and get a break through, club fitness coach and ex-Portsmouth goalie Brunchy came on and kept wicket! It doesn't end there though. Brunchy was replaced by Bates, with Riazuddin and Howell putting in appearences as various players fell down. So where does this leave Hampshire for the Somerset game? Pff, you expect me to know?! I'll take a guess at the team though. In my view we now have nothing to lose. Therefore I'll be brave and go with:

Adams (Captain extrordinaire)
Bates (wk)

To be honest they can't play much worse than the current lot. McKenzie has been very poor, Benham repeatedly messes up his chances, and the injuries have to be addressed. I'm expecting a few sly comments from Wes, especially if the Middle pull off that chase against Sussex tomorrow... :(


  1. They won't. They are five down and need 121. Strauss, Owais, Newman, Simpson, all failed. Udal isn't playing. Malan is on 56 but batsmen usually die in the morning if they have a couple of runs on the board. They couldn't get Monty out. Monty!!! Ashes, anyone? Bloody Monty, 46 not out. His previous first class highscore was 39 or so. Of course, what better opponent could a Monty topscore against but Middlesex. God I want to... grahh. In all the time I've been following them they could not win -or at least draw- a single match. Ha ha.

  2. The whole Monty not out thing really does take 'letting the tail wag' to a whole new level. Actually, I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed - you letting Monty get to 46, or Yorkshire letting Chris Martin get to 11...

  3. Ha ha what!! Ha ha!! Definitely Yorkshire!!!

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