Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Please, won't somebody think of the CC?!

The County Championship as we know it must be preserved! As I'm sure is common knowledge, the ECB, in their infinite wisdom, intend to tinker with the format of the County Championship. That jewell in the British Crown, only matched in Britishness by fish and chips, the Met Office and fly-tipping. I implore you to add your name to this petition, in an effort to make the ECB realise the mistake they could be making:



  1. Sorry I'm not so informed but of what nature are the exact changes the ECB is planning, and in how far do they affect CC? The petition site does unfortunately not tell anything about it :(


    ~ Play For Country Not For Self ~

  2. Hiya Wes, there are a number of proposals that I have seen. One is a conference style, with no relegation and promotion, and 3 conferences picked randomly. Another is a reduction in counties (!!!), and I think another was the return to one division.