Thursday, 10 June 2010

Getting priorities right

It has come to my attention that I haven't written anything about Hampshire for a while, which is ironic given the blog's title and description. To be truthful Hampshire have been ok, not great, B-. After trying their best not to win an easy game against Kent (113 to chase is tough in 20/20 you know), they were then all over Essex in a 4 day game until persistent precipitation put paid to those hopes of victory. I say all over them, I went to the first two sessions of day one and we were terrible in the afternoon. That aside the brilliant Corky weighed in with some decent scores with the bat to set up our chance of winning. The wicket was the next one along from the one used against Kent, and both favoured the medium pacers, and was difficult to score meaningfully off of. Then onto Cardiff and the chance to watch Hampshire play on S4C - they actually show more than just a picture of a circus tent, as I found out to my suprise - though the game was marred by a) Hampshire losing b) Hampshire losing badly c) Robert Croft was on the microphone speaking in welsh d) The blasted commentators (of which there was 5 or 6 of them on at the same time) throught the game blabbing away constantly in welsh and not really watching the cricket. Lumb is still yet to get past the first over of the innings, Adams isn't in great form, neither is Carberry, Ervine, Pothas. McKenzie is doing ok, though not spectacular. Razzaq was butched wholely unfairly by the bbc because he has played 2 games and hasn't struck 60 runs off 22 balls each game. Christian took a wonder catch off Briggs.

So where now? Somerset come to the Rose Bowl tomorrow evening, and to say I'm not confident is an understatement. Our record against Somerset in one day games is terrible (we've never played them in the 20/20), and they have Tresco, Kieswetter, Hildreth, Pollard, and Trego. Hopefully they'll shorten the boundaries for when Hampshire bat. Then on Sunday Surrey are the visitors, with Younis, Symonds and a whole lot of hecklers in tow. We'll apparently have the wonderful Pietersen to score 13 runs, hit straight to mid-off, then spend the whole time fielding with his hands in his pockets. I hope he remembers the way to the Rose Bowl. 


  1. That was crap, I listened to it on the radio and didn't know it was broadcasted. Only got to know later. Arghh! One could have watched the TV and listened to the radio, it was all English, and they played the Beatles in the innings break, how awesome is that. Usually there's just silence until play resumes.

    PS you're not on Twitter (?) :( we could have talked. I was pretty much the only person there following the match :( And Cos getting umpired out was the lowlight.

    But! You guys seriously need to stop playing teams I like. Glam, Somst, Surrey... I'll never become a Hants supporter in these circumstances ;)

    have a nice day,

  2. Hey Wes, Cossie getting out was the second best bit, after Christian's wonder catch! I've taken you up on your suggestion, and you have a new follower on Twitter. Regards.

  3. KP playing a game for Hampshire lol but they can defeat the crap Surrey side.

  4. I do hope so gb, I have a feeling it will be close though...