Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Give me an A!!....Give me a J!!....

Give me an A, N, T, H, A, M, E, N, D, I and an S. Please, mark July 1st in your diaries. Not only does my blasted rent start that day but it marks the arrival of the worked-out one. Abdul Razzaq will be wishing he was playing against Hampshire rather than for us. Younis Khan will have a field day. For the rest though, it could well be their worst nightmare. It will be a year since we announced the signing, but in exactly one month time, Mr Mendis will finally put in an appearance at the Rose Bowl. Of course, I'll be on holiday then, so will miss his first few games, but boy am I excited. Even better, rumour has it he'll be available for ALL games following, now isn't that something to smile about? Well yes after the terrible news that Shahid was no longer available at all, and we were looking like having virtually no overseas player all season. Herath has one week left with us, then he's heading home. His bowling has been average at best, but he will be remembered for that vital partnership with McKenzie at Trent Bridge that got us our first win. I'd never seen a Sri Lankan hug a South African on Sky Sports news in the middle of a field before, and I don't expect to see it again anytime soon.

So with Mendis arriving where does that leave Hampshire? Well without him for another 4 weeks but White can start to plan how he is going to resurrect the team further (5 game unbeaten run currently, did you know?), and continue the Hampshire tradition of a late season surge towards respectability.

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