Monday, 7 June 2010

Give Creepy a consultancy role!

There is no doubting the obvious talent of James Vince with the bat, but it is becoming frustrating seeing him stroll to 30, 40 odd with no apparent issues, then lose his wicket. He has passed 50 only 3 times in 27 CC innings, yet has an average of 30, showing that there appears to be some sort of block or sticking point once he seems set at the crease. Liam Dawson is similar too. It is a worry that they may continue in this way and so struggle to nail downs spots in the team that they deserve. This is where I think John Crawley could be invaluable. You don't get to play in an Ashes series by scoring 30s and 40s in the Championship, and in his prime Crawley could put together mammoth scores. Take for instance the 311* he scored against Nottinghamshire where he occupied the crease for nigh on nine hours. Crawley clearly knew how to apply himself, and knuckle down and make starts count.

I think Hampshire should make use of Crawley's knowledge and experience by using some of the money free from Afridi, Mendis and Lee's no showing to employ him as a batting consultant for the younger players (and Benham). I believe that once Vince finally passes 100 runs in an innings, he will progress very, very quickly and all that is needed is that push to get him there. In my view Crawley would be the best man to add the grit and concentration to the flashy shots and confidence that are already parts of Vince and Dawson's games.

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